Herro & Goodbye

Cue Music: “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday – Boyz II Men

I never imagined i would be writing this blog post. After almost 6 years of “making funny, fashionable”, i’ve made the decision to close this chapter of my life. When i first started, I thought this was going to be my forever but alas, a lot can happen and change in 6 years! As Conan O’ Brien said in his speech to graduates of Dartmouth University… “Your path at 22 will not necessarily be your path at 32 or 42. One’s dream is constantly evolving, rising and falling, changing course.”

Though i’m moving on to other adventures in my life, i have no regrets. I have met so many wonderful people through the years… people who have become lifelong friends and for that i am forever grateful.

Herro Goodbye

THANK YOU for being with me through this journey – whether you have been with me from the start or if you just discovered Herro Hachi recently – i appreciate you.



March 12, 2015
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T-shirt Design Process

The first thing I do when I decide on a t-shirt design idea is grab a piece of paper and a pen. It’s sometimes tough to get my vision across as drawing is not my strong suit (see below) but I do my best. Here’s how it all starts out: DesignProcess-Before I then pass along my sketch to Mark to bring my vision to life in a more attractive manner. He prefers using pencil and paper first to draft out his interpretation of my scribbles and once we agree on them, he inks them with a fine point marker. DesignProcess-Mid From there, the artwork is transferred on to the computer so that we can edit it and color in the design using Adobe Photoshop. This step is usually what takes the longest as we want to make sure ever curve, point, and line is just the way we want it. The last step is getting it vectorized so that it’s ready for the printing process! and Voila: Men in Uniform

October 17, 2014
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Kamayan Feast w/ The Filipino Cdn

When Jedro, host of The Filipino Cdn channel on YouTube, asked me if I would be interested in being in his next video, I didn’t hesitate to say yes especially when he said it would involve “kamayan“, a traditional Filipino way of eating… with your hands! kamayanfeast Kamayan is a big feast prepared on banana leaves. There is always a mountain of rice as the base with different types of food laid out on top. Our feast included everything from crispy pata, chicken adobo, pinakbet, caldereta, fried tilapia, embutido, lumpia, and banana q.

kamayanfeast-setupThe staff at Kulinarya Filipino Eatery preparing our feast. The feast took place at 3:30pm, many of us didn’t eat lunch to make room for this so you can imagine how torturous it was to have to wait and watch them prepare this!

kamayangroupPhoto by Joseph Tamayo

It’s amazing how food can bring community together. I didn’t know half the people at our table and yet by the end of our 2 hour feast, they felt like long time friends. It was an honor to share the spread with Actress Arielle Tuliao, Singer Gio Levy, z95.3 morning show producer Art Factora, Vancouver Co-op Radio host Rich Abarquez, Park Board candidate Sammie Jo Rumbaua, and of course Jedro, the host of The Filipino Cdn show. kamayanfeast-after

Kamayan is definitely more appetizing to look at before everyone digs in!

Thanks for bringing us together, Jedro!

October 06, 2014
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Introducing: Monthly Design Battles!


click on the buttons below to view more product details & pre-order.

 The pre-order price of $20 has ended but these items can still be found in our shop!

Hey guys! We’re introducing a little friendly competition to the mix, starting this month. We’ll be releasing two new original designs every month that will go head to head for one week. Here’s a breakdown of how it all works:


Each battle will be on for one week. Choose the design you love and pre-order it for just $20.


It’s a battle afterall which means there will be a winner and a second runner up. Those who pre-ordered the design that wins (gets the most orders), will win one prize and those who pre-ordered the runner up will win something a little smaller. Prizes will vary from month to month and will probably just get awesom-er the more battles we do!


Once the week long battle is over, we’ll get right to work on your t-shirts and it will be ready to ship to you in just a few weeks!

**Both designs from each battle will be made available again in our shop at full price, once the next battle starts. **


You’re probably wondering what prizes are up for this months battle. Yes? No? We’ll tell you anyway:

If you pre-ordered a t-shirt and that design WINS (gets the most pre-orders), you will receive the following with your order: a 20% off coupon card + a greeting card + a button pack.

If you pre-ordered a t-shirt and that design comes SECOND, you will receive the following with your order: a button pack.


Check them out and pre-order HERE!

July 15, 2014
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Bubble tea Throwback!

During lunch with Arielle Tuliao today, she pulled out two pieces of paper. One was her acting resume from when she graduated from film school and the other resume was her latest. “I think it’s important to look back and think about the moment we decided to do what we are doing and to remember where we came from.

It was on a park bench in 2009 when I decided to pursue something I actually enjoyed doing. It was there that I decided I did not want to live the rest of my working life behind a cubicle. A lot has happened in the last 5 years and at times, I get sucked into thinking not much has changed but pictures don’t lie!

2009 vs 2014

2009 vs 2014

I thought this would be an appropriate throwback since we just released this bubble tea design last week! In 2009, I took custom orders and made everything in my bedroom using a hobby screen printing machine. I didn’t know much about screenprinting and my resources were limited…often times I had to re-do it 2 or 3 times before getting it right!

Whatever it is you are pursuing today, never forget where you started!

Get your “Pearls are a Girl’s Best Friend” tee here! *hint* Get 15% off when you subscribe to our newsletter. ;)

June 06, 2014
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Meeting Daymond John

When I first heard about the Daymond John Academy, I thought it was a scam. It was advertised through a sponsored ad on Facebook and when I clicked on it, it had “FREE” as the focal point of the page and the website name was ““, two things I found suspicious. I brushed it off and soon forgot about it but a few days later, a friend asked if I had heard about this free seminar for the Daymond John Academy cus he’d heard about it on the radio. Well, if it was on the radio, then it MUST be legit! ;)

Before arriving at the free 2 hour seminar, we already talked about being ready for the sales pitch and that we wouldn’t fall for any sales talk into attending the full 3-day seminar. 10 minutes in, our minds changed and by the end of the 2 hours, we were confident about joining the full 3 days. Almost everything that they talked about was relevant to where we are at in our business today and where we want to be in the future so we didn’t think twice about signing up.

Daymond John

 For those of you who don’t know Daymond John, he is the Founder of FUBU and also a well loved “shark” on ABC’s hit TV Show, Shark Tank. He started his clothing line with $40 and turned it into a multi-million dollar company! 

Daymond John Selfie

selfie time!

We were overwhelmed with new information each day and Day 3 came around and it was finally time to meet Daymond in person. We were warned that Daymond is usually unpredictable when he comes to speak so nobody really knew whether he was going to talk business that day, tell his story, or just answer questions. That day, he told his story. It was such a surreal experience hearing him talk about his days growing up with people like LL Cool J and it was also encouraging to know that he started with very humble beginnings, making everything at home… just like how Herro Hachi started!

To know that he went from someone working at Red Lobster to someone who is a successful businessman today is a great reminder that nothing is impossible and that hard work will take you places. Before he left, he said.. “If you stop swimming, you die

“… Just keep swimming”

April 09, 2014
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Our Experience at the POOL Tradeshow

If you don’t like reading, watch our tradeshow vlog here

In 2010, I was introduced to the MAGIC show in Las Vegas. When i was first told about it, i thought “why is this person telling me about a magic show when i’m in the clothing industry?” After a bit of Googling, I realized that this was one of the biggest fashion tradeshows in the world and at that moment, I added it to my business bucket list.

Almost 4 years later, this dream became a reality. I’m still on such a high two weeks later and still can’t believe that it actually happened! First of all, Mark and I weren’t even planning on joining just yet… we thought of it as something we would join some day, perhaps in the next few years but certainly not within the first year of quitting our jobs. But… things happened, and a month and a half before the POOL Tradeshow was going to start, we found ourselves scrambling to learn as much as we could about tradeshows and wholesaling. It was overwhelming, to say the least, but we were excited for a new milestone in the business.

POOL Tradeshow

The POOL Tradeshow under Magic Market Week is designed specifically for emerging brands.

Since it was our first time, we opted for a co-op booth which was the “cheaper” option. It was a much smaller booth compared to the standard booths but it worked for the size of the line we have right now. Co-op booths are for “product only” so we could not customize our booth at all – no wallpaper, flooring, props, signage,… not even table cloth! It was a blessing in disguise for us though, especially since we only had a month and a half to plan. This restriction saved us money on decorations, shipping costs, and of course time. We were hesitant about joining at first since this is quite a big investment for a small business but we figured that we wouldn’t know if anything would come out of it… until we tried.

POOL Tradeshow - Co-op Booth

The hours at the convention centre are looooong but thankfully, the awesome organizers at MAGIC/POOL know how to work hard and play hard. With our booth fees came many party perks every night. On set-up day, they had a party at XS. After Day 1, they had a party at the Foundation Room at the top floor of Mandalay Bay, and on Wednesday night, a party at Marquee.

Foundation Room @ Mandalay BayAmazing view of the strip from the Foundation Room balcony

The 3 days at the convention centre were long days but it definitely helps to have fun neighbours (Hi May 28th, Acute Designs, and KOLA!). There are times when things are slow and you have nothing to do but pretend to look busy and then there are other times when you are trying to entertain 3 buyers at once. It was all overwhelming and nerve wracking at first but you get the hang of it after a few tries. Since it was our first time we definitely made a few silly mistakes and many times we had to ask our neighbour for help understanding certain things but it’s all part of the process.

One of my favorite moments at POOL was stalking the Rilakkuma girls. They were holding a contest for people who took pictures with them and posted them on Instagram and those who know me, know my deep love for Rilakkuma. I was determined to win and thankfully… I DID!

Rilakkuma Girls

What did we get out of POOL? Every single (experienced POOL) person we talked to before joining the show gave us this advice: Come with no expectations and Network, network, network. Mark and I were in agreement that if we left the show with lots of new contacts and experience/lessons to take home, we would have accomplished our goal. In 3 days, we made many new friends, we learned and discovered so many new things about the industry, and most exciting of all, we made new connections with buyers from all over the world. We haven’t closed any deals yet but the mad following up has begun. It’s not over until you get a solid “NO” after all! :)

Bacchanal Buffet @ Caesar's Palace

We concluded our first out of town business trip with a buffet at Bacchanal inside Caesar’s Palace. If there’s one place you need to visit in Vegas, it’s this place. Forget the clubs and the shows, this. is. the. place. to. be.

If you’re planning to join the tradeshow and you have some questions, please feel free to email us using the form in our Contact page. We had a ton of questions before joining and it definitely helped to talk to people who have experienced the show before.

Here is our 6 days in Vegas summarized into 8 minutes:

March 03, 2014
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Balut Eating Contest 2014

There’s something quite entertaining about watching someone get tortured… not in an evil way… but in a fear factor kind of way. This month, we hosted our second balut eating contest and Gentle Hands fundraiser and decided to make it a food fest at the same time.

We envisioned an event tripling the size of our last one, with more contestants, lots of catered food, a fun DJ, and lots of prizes. Needless to say, this years event was a lot more challenging to plan, especially since we only had a few weeks to do it! We decided on a menu involving lots of meat… cus what’s a food fest without meat and what’s a food fest hosted by filipinos without lechon: 

Lechon (Roast Pig)

Our other menu items consisted of bubbletea (of course), taiwanese style crispy chicken, samosas, bacon salad (omg) and other filipino favorites like lumpia and bagoong fried rice.

Since nowadays we have self serve gas pumps and self checkout, it only made sense to have a photo booth where you take your photo yourself…

Herro Selfie Booth

Now on to the exciting part, the balut eating contest. You would think that people would just be knocking on our doors, begging us for the chance to eat a developing duck embryo, but alas, this was not the case. Thankfully, we still had many contestants (hesitantly) sign on and even a few brave souls who joined last minute, for the sake of the children (since it was a fundraising event for Gentle Hands).

Balut Eating Contest

Look at the excited faces of our brave beginners! The feedback from most of them after eating balut is that it wasn’t so bad and that it actually tastes good…. if you close your eyes and avoid making eye contact with the embryo. This years contestants were lucky as the eggs we bought were still very young… compared to our first contest in 2011 where the eggs were mature and you could already see the body, beak, eyes, etc. Yummmm.

Thank you to everyone who made this event possible! From our contestants, to attendees, sponsors, DJ, volunteers, and of course the attendees as well. Till next year!

Before you go, check out these two videos from the event. The first one is a short summary by us and the second one is a more in depth coverage by Fil-Can Clothing!

February 28, 2014
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What’s New?

WELCOME to our new website! How do you like it? With this new set-up, you now have the option to create an account when you place an order, that way you can keep track of your orders all in one place. The best thing we like about the new look? The pictures… and it’s all thanks to our photographer, Charles de Jesus, and of course our models and everyone else involved in our last shoot. (Seriously, aren’t those kids cute? And we’re not just saying that because one of them is our niece… :P )

We’ve also made a few changes to our pricing. Before you unfollow us, let us explain! With the rising cost of supplies, we had two options…

1) Increase prices slightly to keep up with economic changes


2) Cut corners on quality to save on cost

After much thought and discussion, we were certain that we didn’t want to go with the latter. We take much pride in our designs and the quality of shirts we use because… well, we want to be able to wear it ourselves too! If we wouldn’t wear it, why would we want other people to wear it?

To transition into this new pricing set-up and to celebrate our new website, we’re offering 20% off all orders for the next month. Just use code:


Thank you in advance for your understanding! We love you guys and would not be here without you so we hope you’ll stay with us as we continue our Herro journey…. we promise we’ll keep it fun and exciting with new designs, new styles, and new products. Our idea board is overflowing and we can’t wait to bring them to life and share it with you!

If you have any questions at all about these changes or you just want to say hello herro, please feel free to contact us!

February 16, 2014
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